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Journal Articles

In addition to making things on the lathe, I also enjoy writing about my woodturning endeavors. Below are links to PDF files of the articles I have written for American Woodturner, the Journal of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW). Click on the pictures below to download the articles in PDF format.

PDF Download
Harvesting & Drying Wood from Logs

PDF Download
How to Make a Rimmed Bowl

PDF Download
Gil Malave Profile: A Veteran Woodturner

The Sawmill Project

Jewelry Boxes
How to Make a Jewelry Box

Bud Vases
How to Make a Bud Vase

PDF Download
Functional Wooden Bowls

PDF Download
Humpty Dumpty

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship

PDF Download
The Remarkable Hansel Collins

PDF Download
How to Make a Wooden Cigar Tube

PDF Download
How to Make a Musical Tapper

How to Make Christmas Ornaments





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